Beginning Of Another By Christine Buchsbaum

Colorado-based artist Christine Buchsbaum uses photography as a medium to document staged surreal, eccentric and expressive scenes, connecting the viewer to a shared dream. For her series titled “Beginning of Another” Buchsbaum captures scenes that spark intense narratives, showing a girl wearing a pink tutu sitting in an urban drainage tunnel.

The concrete walls are covered in pink rose wall paper while fabric of her tutu slips downstream. The picture is haunting and beautiful at the same time, speaking of our need to go against the flow. This balance of opposites is an active pursuit in Buchsbaum’s work as the real and the fake are inexplicably linked. The artist’s set-ups appear strange and imaginary aside from the complexities of the numerous stories the artist is telling us. Each evocative image makes it clear that an underlying narrative exists. Buchsbaum offers a kind of universal truth that the story may never need to be told, explaining “My work is a performance-based documentation of personal experience – a reshaping of events that shaped me – strange mysteries of a strange world; narratives of an underlying consciousness.”

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