After Going Through 5,000 Public Instagram Accounts Photographer Recreates Their Photos In This Extraordinary Project

Sometimes it’s the opposite of what Oscar Wilde has famously said – it’s art that imitates life. Reza Bahram, a photographer from LA, started ReCognition project, in which he and his team recreates some of the most dramatic, creative, and authentic photos found on instagram.

“We believe Instagram can be more than filtered selfies,” said the creators of the project on their own instagram account, “This project is a way of questioning our behavior on social media by focusing on ordinary yet dramatic moments of our life”

The artists choose to recreate photos of people that present themselves differently on the social media. “They portray true stories of our generation. Stories of greed, fear, anxiety, loneliness, love, and hate. We want to show that when we are more human on social media, it doesn’t make us vulnerable. This project is a way of recognizing and honoring these original and fearless storytellers.”

Most of the feedback from the authors of the originals so far has been really positive and the team is on the look out for more photos to recreate. Maybe it’s gonna be one of yours?

Scroll down and check out the side by side comparisons of the originals and the re-imagined versions below.

more info:  instagram (h/t boredpanda)


Image source: salqueda


Image source: mon.morfin


Image source: lair0r


Image source: skasca


Image source: skasca


Image source: rusyashithaus


Image source: saint.juli


Image source: landlineactivist


Image source: oxyetonoxyel


Image source: marlin.vinkert


Image source: babeforce


Image source: nastiyoung


Image source: ananouschka


Image source: vero.sor


Image source: hiya_rachey


Image source: yanayurevych

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