The ‘Coincidence Project’ By Denis Cherim

Over the past few years, photographer Denis Cherim has been steadily building up his ‘Coincidence Project’, a personal series that compiles an inventory of chance encounters in his everyday surroundings.

The ‘Coincidence Project’ presents a visual documentation of happy accidents and compositions of perfect synchronicity. A number of the images were taken as Cherim travelled through Plovdiv, Valencia, Madrid and London, with the photographer capturing what he describes as “the essence of spontaneity.” Cherim preserves elements of nature as they align with architecture and man-made forms, and he reminds a viewer to seek fleeting moments of fate in an ever-changing world. The photographer explains, “As I was growing up, I was fortunate enough to travel to many countries and learn about diverse cultures. That has helped me discover a new dimension of visual understanding while acquiring a taste for the depth hidden in what seems to be meaningless.”

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