The ‘Bridgehouse’ By Llama Urban Design

Situated amidst the trees of an Ontario woodland valley, Llama Urban Design’s ‘Bridgehouse’ presents an innovative creation of residential space in a natural reserve.

Based in Peru, Llama Urban Design celebrate a sustainable approach to contemporary architecture. For the creation of the ‘Bridgehouse’ residence, the studio has used locally sourced timber to connect two mounds of earth in a trapeze-shaped bridge structure, allowing the natural environment to exist untouched underneath. As the architects explain, the home “sits across the steepest part of the slope, drawing a 38-metre-long horizontal line that acts as a counterpoint to the landscape.” Llama Urban Design has implemented an open-plan layout with a core living and dining space, flooded with natural light through panoramic glass walls. The residence is entered from either side of the bridge, and a roof deck is accessed via metal staircases attached to the house’s exterior.

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