Again By Zsuzsa Darab

The landscape of Iceland is alien in its beauty. Pastel deserts give way to glacial pools, and navy ocean carves fjords between snow capped mountains. For Hungarian photographer Zsuzsa Darab, it provides the perfect subject matter for an exploration of landscape and consciousness.

In her series ‘Again’ Darab takes an emotion and translates it via her lens. With a colour palette that shifts between warm and cool pastels, Darab’s series close in on the human condition with closely cropped images and sweeping landscapes. She explains her photographic practice as self-therapy; “Photography is similar to psychology… [I think] a good photographer is also a psychologist — their own psychologist.”  She likens a trip outdoors with a camera in hand to a therapy session, which makes her decision to live in Iceland unsurprising. For Darab capturing images is a way of translating thoughts that she cannot articulate with words.

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