An Exploration Of Intimacy And Identity

In the series ‘Read You’, New-Haven based photographer Res explores themes of identity and intimacy, presented in relation to various suburban surroundings.

Having recently graduated from the photography masters course at Yale University, Res presents imagery that appears self-reflective and ponders quiet occurrences in daily life. Channeling quiet experiences of suburban living, the shots are often a tension between concealing and revealing identity. This narrative develops through the course of images presented in ‘Read You’, as the photographer captures subtly contorted figures and faces illuminated by phone screens in the night, sunlight through foliage shadows and the glow of red paint. The series is playful with ambiguity–even in the choice of title, which can be interpreted to reference both past and present tense. ‘Read You’ can be interpreted as a meditation on our perceptions of those around us, and their desire to share moments of intimacy. The photographer explains, “Intimacy with the image becomes a dance that pushes and pulls – a state that has no arrival. Much like identity, intimacy is not a threshold which one must pass, but a series of negotiations.”

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