‘Suspended Patio House’ By 3322 Studio

Constructed to provide a family home for the founders of 3322 Studio, the Suspended Patio House is situated in a quiet Tel Aviv neighbourhood.

The founders of 3322 Studio, Hila and Ran Broides, explain: “For us, a house is a complex template that defines the living space but which, at the same time, allows flexibility according to changing needs.” The concrete residence has thus been designed with versatility in mind, incorporating an open plan layout on the ground floor and double-height kitchen. To enhance natural ventilation and light, multiple outdoor spaces have been incorporated across all levels of the house, which can be viewed through large windows and invite the green surroundings inside. The residence’s title references a terrace structure that extends from the first floor– the architects describe that it “reflects the terraces of the older buildings in the neighbourhood that were built in the 1950s.” With the construction of this suspended patio, 3322 Studio wanted to “emphasise the human scale that is important to us in the spaces,” resulting in a modest modern build that provides an ideal setting for a family to live and grow together.

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