Ana House By Kochi Architect’s Studio

Ana House is a property designed by Kochi Architect’s Studio, providing a home to a family of four. Located in Japan, the project was completed in 2016 and presents a striking play on spatial density through colour.

Lead architect Kazuyasu Kochi worked to create a residence that would increase the interior perception of space in the modest 46 square meter build. Having already constructed “If you can see many rooms in a smaller space, the space density will rise.”properties that utilise multiple colours to extend and expand space, including the Apartment House of 2014, Kochi Architect’s Studio designed Ana House to incorporate seven pastel hues and varying tones of wood. Kochi comments, “I started designing with a desire to discover overcrowding spatiality. In order to create ‘high-density scenery’ where you can see plenty of places, I set the formula ‘spatial density = number of rooms / volume’. If you can see many rooms in a smaller space, the space density will rise.” By following this architectural approach, the architect plays with visual illusion that emphasises differences between the rooms of the house, which includes multiple living areas, two kitchen spaces, two bedrooms and a loft.

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