Surreal Potraits By Ben Zank

Born in the Bronx, photographer Ben Zank presents touches of surrealism in his encounters of everyday life. Zank’s work is characterised by spontaneous, minimalist compositions, with the photographer often obscuring the presence of a figure within the frame. Using the Huawei P10 Plus mobile phone, Zank shot a series of images exclusively for iGNANT.

While Zank originally chose journalism as his field of study, he found a more direct means of expression in photography, after discovering a Pentax ME Super in his grandmother’s “The work I made with the phone was extremely reactionary to each environment I found.”attic. Zank continues to live and work in New York City, where he commits himself to the rigorous exercise of ‘one shot per day’, his images often staging himself as the main character. Using simple props such as yellow tape and materials found in natural environments, he bends reality to suit his own vision. In a series of photos created with the phone, Zank continues his usual photographic style whilst exploring the in-built Leica camera. The photographer explains, “Being confined to slightly more limitations than my normal creative process, the work I made with the phone was extremely reactionary to each environment I found. I did less thinking and more shooting. Eventually, some really interesting concepts evolved out of the process.” The project results in a visual contemplation of concealing and revealing identity, providing an insight to the relationships the photographer holds with his surroundings and objects found within it.

The Huawei P10 Plus device has been co-engineered with camera manufacturer Leica to feature their Dual Camera 2.0 including optical image stabilization and improved low-light performance. More information can be found here.

– In collaboration with HUAWEI

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