Antoine Horenbeek Captures Architecture Of The People

Interested in the aesthetics of emptiness and abandonment, along with architectural notions of public and private space and how humans move within cities, Horenbeek’s images offer an intriguing sidestep from traditional architectural photography. “In capturing images”, he explains, “I am just as intrigued by the empty spaces as I am by the many ways in which they are appropriated.” In the two projects highlighted below, ‘Brésil, l’aube’ (2015-present) and ‘Ethiopia’ (2016), he has visually explored multiple disparate cities, capturing their design and the way in which it impacts those who live in it daily. It was in Ethiopia that his lens shifted from capturing architectural sites in order to convey something more; “I felt the need to take my photography one step forward, and capture the human experience”, he noted. “After all, architecture does not always convey the expressions of people.”

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