20 Adorably Curious Animals Booping the Camera

Fox boops the camera from r/aww

There’s a reason that animals are so popular on the internet—they do adorable things! And in trying to snap a photo of their cuteness, sometimes a boop on the camera occurs. But what is that, exactly? It’s where the snout of an animal touches (or practically touches) the lens of the device. The result is an out-of-focus nose and a creature whose curiosity only adds to its charm.

Animals booping the camera is most commonly done by dogs. They often have humans that are eager to snap pictures of them, and as a devoted furry pal, they want to know what their person is doing at all times. But their wet noses aren’t the only ones booping a lens. Foxes, horses, bunnies, and baby antelope have tried to sniff or eat a recording device. Even a reptile has successfully booped a camera, although this scaly creature cheated and actually used its long tongue to do the booping. No matter the species or body part that’s doing the booping, there’s one commonality among them: they all lead to some adorably funny photos!

Scroll down for the best in animals exercising their right to boop.

Animals booping the camera is one of the most adorable things you’ll see on the internet.

My friend has a whippet and as soon as I saw this picture I knew you guys would appreciate it from r/aww

Although dogs are best known for these boops…

pls boop from r/boop

Heckin needs a Boop from r/boop

Other creatures do it too, from foxes to bunnies to baby antelopes.

Baby pronghorn boop (x-post /r/aww) from r/otheraww

He begs for boops! from r/boopablenosies

Boopiest of boopy snoots from r/forbiddenboops


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