Bruce Rowe’s Structures Explores The Phenomenon Of Light

Rowe applies his exploratory design approach to the ceramics process, where art and architectural influences are apparent: form, shadow, and light are important concerns in his practice. Although his background in architecture and graphic design has a direct connection to his work, it is not necessarily influenced by any specific movements or buildings. Rowe’s work is centered in the physical experience of creating. “I don’t create artwork from a place of inspiration,” he says. “Art is revealed through the work.” In his collection ‘Structures’, four differently shaped clay bodies are coated in a range of specially formulated glazes. They encompass free-standing sculptures, box-framed form studies, and sculptural wall pieces. “My work explores the phenomenon of light—how this phenomenon is experienced is a primary and ongoing concern of my artistic practice. After all, it is through light that we see and experience the world.”

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