Norwegian Artist Sculpts “Plush” Pillows From Blocks of White Marble

Hakon Anton Fageras Marble Pillow Sculptures

The ability to transform marble into skin or drapery is an awe-inspiring skill that plays with our sense of sight and touch—fooling our eyes into believing something we know is stiff can be soft. Contemporary artist Håkon Anton Fagerås recalls such classical mastery in his marble sculptures of pillows.

“The common denominator of most of my art is fragility and vulnerability,” the artist tells My Modern Met. “I usually carve figures and faces, but once in a while, I carve marble pillows.” The ongoing series, entitled Down, is immediately charming to look at. Through the use of a variety of tools, including a pneumatic hammer, Fagerås manages to create supple-looking pillows—all featuring the natural creases and folds of real fabric.

Although these feathery sculptures have an unassuming appearance,  Fagerås sees these pillows as “a beautiful symbol of life.” He believes that some of life’s most beautiful and hardest moments are spent in bed and that pillows—perhaps in their natural soft postures—capture this sense of lived experiences.

Fagerås produces his work out of studios in both Oslo and northern Italy. To see more images from Fagerås’s Down series you can follow him on Instagram.

Norwegian artist Håkon Anton Fagerås expertly sculpts “plush” pillows from blocks of white marble.

Hakon Anton Fageras Marble Pillow Sculptures

These incredible sculptures capture the natural creases and folds of real fabric.

Hakon Anton Fageras Marble Pillow Sculptures

Hakon Anton Fageras Marble Pillow Sculptures

Hakon Anton Fageras Marble Pillow Sculptures

Håkon Anton Fagerås:  Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Håkon Anton Fagerås.

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