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The voluptuous sculptures of California-based artist Cammie Staros conflate past and present.

A mix of traditional handcrafting techniques and more contemporary industrial methods inform Staros’ distinctive work. Her hybrid creation process is matched by her interesting use of materials: she works with ancient materials such as clay as well as more modern metals and neons. Earthy colors — ruddy browns and reds — collide with splashes of color, providing an element of playfulness and wit.

Staros’ work pays homage to classical Greek and Egyptian artistic symbols such as the snake. Additionally, she makes use of ancient semiotic symbols and herringbone patterns which are rooted in the textiles and jewelry of the ancient Egyptian elite. These age-old features, which have been employed throughout art history, are given a modern spin as Staros adds flirtatious, winking eyes and red lips to her sculptures. She appears to be poking fun at the art world’s preoccupation with representing the female body as a curvy vase.

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