Tropical Forest By Tayone Design Studio

Tayone Design Studio has surrounded ‘Tropical Forest’ its plant-filled coffee shop with latticed wooden slats, creating a haven in the busy city of Hanoi.

Hanoi is known for being particularly polluted, and so designers are thinking of new ways to introduce cleaner air into the city. Tayone Design has used natural raw materials and an abundance of indoor and outdoor plants in an attempt to dispel some of the dust pollutions in the city. The 170 meter squared coffee shop is encased by thin, light wooden planks which let light filter through the gaps. Inside, the furniture is made from natural, sustainable wood. A gabled glass roof that echoes the roofs found on greenhouses opens the cafe up to the sky and to more natural sunlight.

Over a hundred plant species populate the walls and tables of the shop, making it feel more of a conservatory than a cafe. Every spare space is taken up by tropical plants either in terrariums or in pots, creating a relaxed and fresh atmosphere. Special modular wooden cabinet systems dotted around the coffee shop function as plant climbers frames and provide more space for potted plants to be displayed.

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