CAPD Design The Hi Lo House In Tokushima

With an exterior that could be confused for that of a warehouse, the airy and bright ‘Hi Lo House in Japan’s Tokushima prefecture was designed by Hiroshima-based architecture firm CAPD as a family home.

From the exterior, the bisected gabled roof gives the impression of two buildings; but closer inspection reveals that the two seemingly distinct volumes are joined. The structure of the home sits divided by a courtyard and first-floor balcony, offering extra light into the high ceilinged living and sleeping quarters through floor to ceiling windows. The industrial exterior does little to give away its interior-style, the design of which is minimal and light: subway tiles cover the island in the kitchen, light wooden boards line the floor and high ceilings give the impression of vastness. CAPD has cleverly utilized space with this project, the double story home consists of 137 square meters — nearly the entire block upon which it was built. 

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