Casa Canto Cholu By Taller Estilo Arquitectura

Located in Cholul right on the peninsula Yucatán in Mexico, architect’s office Taller Estilo Arquitectura has constructed a private home named “Casa Canto Cholu” amongst the 2,300 sqm plot surrounded by nature.

This minimalist residence creates a dynamic, spatial and formal coexistence between nature and architecture. Taller Estilo Arquitectura designed the house to be organized with a U-shaped floorplan, so the social area is structured in a linear way. The living room, dining room and service area have floor to ceiling glass walls that provide transparency and offer a connection towards the covered terrace and central courtyard. This natural area allows the bedrooms to be arranged with windows also opened towards the outside. The main materials used to build Casa Canto Cholu were cement, polished and shined, black and aquamarine pigmented cement, cedar wood, stone and glass, making the home look minimalist in its materiality. The relationship between the house’s structure and the pre-existing landscape is emphasized through the dynamic courtyards and corridors. Some trees are growing through the cement roofs to accentuate their belonging to the house, while also contrasting with the cold cement.

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