Childhood Memories Of Fabrizio Albertini

The series named “Radici” by Italian contemporary photographer and filmmaker Fabrizio Albertini focuses on memories of the artist’s childhood. Translated to “roots”, the project was created in Cannobina Valley, where Albertini spent most of his time during summer holidays at his grandparents’ house.

Today the valley is an almost entirely abandoned territory. Radici’s works takes shape there, built from those misty memories as an elaboration of buried traces and conflicts where survival depends on the act of maintaining a form. These pictures explore humans’ ancestral relation with nature, the surrounding environment, as well as memories. By combining a variety of genres and techniques, Albertini evokes distinct feelings and emotions of his childhood and turns his memories into physical representations. His body of work is both a visual exploration of bygone times and an intimate insight into the artist’s emotions.

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