Conceptual Photography And Self-Portraits By Marina Choy

A Californian turned Portlandian with a penchant for international travel, this local Choy is a recent grad of Univ of Portland and hopes to pursue a full-time career in photography/videography and travel the world.

In September 2014, she had the chance to live in Salzburg, Austria for a year, thus starting a love affair (with a travel bug) that would continue on to 25+ more countries. She hopes to add a new country each year, with upcoming trips to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia & France. This Choy holds herself at 30+ countries thus far. Hobbies & loves include: (stinky) cheese, creative arts (printmaking, music, oil painting, stone carving, etc.), lacrosse, Tasty videos, and meeting new people.

“I draw inspiration anywhere from Monet’s water lilies to Dadaism, from the Italian Renaissance Movement to Gaudí and Hundertwasser, from Gustav Klimt’s golden kisses to temporary tattoos and from the stretched corners of the Internet to social media’s continual, force fed string of pictures, memes and 30-second food making videos,” she says.

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