The Window House By Formzero

The commitment of architect Lee Cherng Yih, of Malaysian firm Formzero, to providing the tenants of ‘Window House’ with a connection to nature makes this home a geometric playground.

Situated on the fringes of a forest reserve in Kuala Lumpur, the architects drew on the surrounding lush environment as inspiration for ‘Window House’. Their main task was to connect the client – a family of four – with the outside world whilst maximizing indoor space. The building probes the relationship between exterior and interior, public and private, man and nature. Yih asked himself “how can we design a house that can keep windows open all the time?”. The answer was to cover the house in a concrete shell which provided the client with privacy, and acted as an incubator to trap heat inside.

This angular shell is one of the most striking aspects of the building. Its sheer size and the fact that it is made of grey concrete would make the home seem pretty ominous if it weren’t for the playful windows dotted around the building. The shell is tapered at the front, before opening up to frame views of the forest at the rear of the house. The manipulation of windows provides the family with further peepholes, encouraging them to be more curious about the landscape while also allowing light to filter into the home in interesting ways.

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