Photographer Captures Perfectly Imperfect Dogs

Alex Cearns, an award-winning animal photographer created a book that is dedicated to portraying perfectly imperfect dogs. This uplifting and inspiring photo series artfully capture the beauty and the spirit of these different, and unique puppies.

“One of my most passionate aims as an animal photographer is to capture the adorable subtleties that make all creatures precious and unique. I love every animal I have the privilege of photographing, but those perceived as different hold a special place in my heart. These are the canines who have lost a leg, been born without eyes, or are still showing the scars of former abuse,” says Cearns. “Most animals with ‘afflictions’ don’t dwell on them. They adapt to their bodies without complaint and they survive with determination. They push on, always, wanting to be included and involved in everything as much as they can, and as much as an able-bodied pet does.”

“The tenacity of animals to overcome adversity never ceases to amaze me. They make the most out of life and from them I have learned so much about always seeing the positive in every situation and never giving up.”

‘Perfect Imperfection – Dog portraits of Resilience’ is available from 19th March 2018 and it’s a book for everyone who loves dogs; fans of the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, or of seeing the beauty in imperfection; and anyone who needs a hit of inspiration. Part proceeds from every sale will be donated to the Australian Animal Cancer Foundation to help them work towards finding a cure for canine cancer.

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#1 Aryah Who Was Crushed In The Womb As A Puppy

#2 Mya Who Is Blind

#3 Dot Who Lost Her Eye

#4 Jessie Who Loves Her Wheels

#5 Bali Pip Who Was Suffering From Mange

#6 Puppy Jakk Who Was Born With Malformed Front Legs

#7 Vegemite Who Lost An Eye

#8 Bandit Who Was The Victim Of An Acid Attack

#9 Reuben And Keisha In Their Wheelchairs

#10 Penny’s Puppies Who Had Mange

#11 Lady Bug Who Is Blind

#12 Raul And His Wheels

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