Concrete Modular Sculptures By David Umemoto

Canadian architect and sculptor David Umemoto created a collection of concrete sculptures resembling characteristics of the mid-century brutalist architecture movement.

Inspired by the ancient arts and architecture from the Americas, Polynesia and Africa, Umemoto’s work is characterized by very basic geometry, symmetry and repetitive patterns. The artist develops the most incredible and complex modular building systems, materializing them in miniature form by using concrete. After using a system of carefully regulated casts, Umemoto choreographs these into sculptural arrangements. Formed entirely from concrete, the sculptures expose the rawness of the unrefined material. Each form can be interconnected, disconnected and rearranged to generate endless artistic compositions, resulting in a constant state of transformation. Umemoto explains his work as a highly codified and rigorous construction of an extensive modular system where each element can be added or subtracted to give place to a new unique work.

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