Outside The Common Circuits With Lua Ribeira

Born in Galicia, Spain, Lua Ribeira is a fast-emerging artist with a deep fellow feeling for peoples and cultures that are oppressed. The photographer has been announced as the winner of the 2015 Firecracker Grant for her series “Noises in the Blood”, a documentation of dancehall culture.

After graduating from the documentary photography course at the University of South Wales in 2016, Lua moved to London in search of self-expression. Her own documentary photography work is challenging and provoking which features a raw quality. “I am interested in the number of cultures that coexist in the UK and how they are sterilised to be consumed, like Disney World or something like Tastes of the World,” she says. “But underneath that, there are many things happening outside the common circuits or routes we all share in an urban space.” Her art was recently selected by Susan Meiselas to appear in Raw View magazine’s Women Looking at Women issue.

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