Cordero Atelier Designs Espacio Nueva Carolina

Presenting a dreamy interior inspired 1950s Beverly Hills hotels, the Espacio Nueva Carolina is a chic multidisciplinary hub that offers space for co-working, socialising and events.

The Madrid-based space was designed by Sara Uriarte of Cordero Atelier, an interior design studio that believes in the union of creativity and functionality. Alongside co-working and events spaces, Espacio Nueva Carolina offers a photography studio, kitchen and meeting rooms, establishing a versatile hub for the creative community in the Spanish capital. Lending design inspiration from mid-century luxury Beverly Hills hotels and Miami Art Deco, the Nueva Carolina features furnishings of baby pink velvet and rattan, walls and flooring speckled with terrazzo, chairs designed by Marcel Breuer and plenty of lush green house plants. Uriarte has infused classic design elements into a contemporary concept of flexible, round-the-clock productivity, creating a sophisticated, inspiring environment for both living and working.

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