Multifunctional Bed Designed as the Ultimate Adult Playground You’ll Never Want to Leave

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We’ve all heard of a bed so comfortable you never want to leave, but what about a bed that’s super functional? We’ve found the ultimate bed, one that not only looks cool, but is packed with ingenious design features to ensure you’ll never want to leave.

Sold across a wide variety of Asian retailers, this modular bed is fully customizable and has endless amounts of storage. Want to charge your gadgets while you sleep? No problem. This multifunctional furniture piece has both plugs and USB hookup. And built-in speakers mean you can play music direct from your devices. If you aren’t sleepy just yet, just stretch out on the built-in massage chair and listen to some tunes. Or if you want to get some work done, a laptop table flips up for easy access.

Aside from looking cool and having tech features, this unusual bed also comes with all sorts of storage. Whether you lift up the wood bed frame and store pillows below or hide linens in the built-in bench, there’s a place for everything. The side shelves are the perfect nooks to tuck away your bedtime reading and one area also contains a safe for valuables.

As the bed is modular, you can mix and match which components work for you and move the elements to the side of the bed that suits your needs. It also comes in a wide variety of colors and fabric or what appears as a faux-leather finish. Models range from around $550 (¥2,500) to a little over $1,000 (¥4,635) depending on the size of the mattress and add-ons selected.

But before you go diving into bed, remember, these models are made for the Asian market, where the average height is shorter than many parts of the world. The smaller mattress is only 4 feet 11 inches (150 cm) long, while the larger option gives you up to 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) to stretch your legs. Six-footers will need to look elsewhere, but it never hurts to get a little inspiration for a creative bed.

One of the coolest beds we’ve ever seen, this multifunctional bed is an adult playground packed with features.

The bed frame lifts up for extra storage and a laptop table lets you work comfortably from bed.

Check out this video of the ultimate bed in action.

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