Daisy Jacobs’s Animated Masterpiece

Created by then 26-years old Daisy Jacobs, ‘The Bigger Picture‘ is a short animation telling the story of two brothers facing the terminal illness of their aging mother.

A BAFTA-winning, Oscar-nominated film, Jacobs’s work is a technical masterpiece, combining life-size sets and puppets with 2D painted art to underline dramatic expression. The story is based on personal experience of the director’s grandmother’s illness and the affect it had on her family. In the 7-minute long animation, Jacobs explores tough relationship of two middle-aged brothers as they face their mother’s illness and various emotions it carries along – from everyday, painfully pragmatic hardships to the thoughts of their own death. After the spectacular success of ‘The Bigger Picture’, the director now works on her new film – ‘The Full Story‘.

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