Music Removed from Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance Reveals Her Incredible Voice

Photo source: Gaga Daily

Unless you’ve completely avoided the news, you’ve probably caught wind of Lady Gaga’s amazing performance at Super Bowl 51. From perfectly coordinated drones to an epic stage entrance to a bevy of sparkly costume changes, Gaga rocked all of her songs as an enthusiastic audience sang and danced along. The show was beyond memorable, but with all the glitz, it’s easy to forget what an incredible singer that Gaga is. In one YouTube video from Arkadiusz Tuszek, however, this all comes flooding back. In it, the isolated Super Bowl vocals showcase just Gaga’s voice from the concert, sans instruments.

Similar to a capella Freddie Mercury, Gaga’s songs like “Poker Face” and “Born This Way” are without their signature beats. The prolonged silence can seem strange, but trust us, it’s worth it—you hear the power in her voice as well as just how physically taxing a 13-minute performance like this is; Gaga’s body and lungs both had to be in great shape to pull it off. It makes you have a whole new appreciation for those that sing while they dance.

Here’s the isolated Super Bowl vocals:


And for reference (or if you just want to watch it again), here’s the full 13-minute performance:


h/t: [Mashable, BuzzFeed]

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