Daoust Lestage’s Pavillon Du Lac

Shrouded in a sea of dense Canadian forest sits a glass-paneled pavilion. Montreal-based architecture firm Daoust Lestage presents ‘Pavillon du Lac’, a guest house situated on a plot of land that slopes gently down to reveal panoramic views of the lake below.

Commissioned by an architect, Daoust Lestage worked with the client to achieve a unique structure that could host guests and would be efficiently integrated into the magnificent surrounding landscape. Contained completely by glass, the cabin appears almost camouflaged during daylight, with the reflective surfaces mirroring that of the encompassing vegetation — blurring the boundaries between natural and artificial. Both the floor and ceiling of the glass pavilion are crafted from thin slabs of pale stone. The stone extends out from the triple-paneled glazing of the glass walls, acting as a shield from the temperamental climate. The home is elevated above the forest floor to appear as if floating. Despite spatial restrictions, the home fits two bedrooms, a kitchen, a sitting room, a utility space and a basement beneath. Sustainability was fundamental in the design of  ‘Pavillon du Lac’. Triple-glazing was used to reduce energy consumption. The natural features of the landscape were left untouched and particular measures were input to minimise potential impact, designing the flat roof as a plant bed to immerse the architecture into the landscape further.

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