Disparitions By Mathieu Bernard-Reymond |

French photographer Mathieu Bernard-Reymond’s images evoke a nostalgic sense of yearning. Whether the solitary subjects in ‘Disparitions’ are longing for a past or future, the viewer is to decide for themselves.

After graduating with a degree in photography from the internationally renowned Photography School of Vevey in Switzerland, Bernard-Reymond set about building up his pastel washed portfolio. For him, photography is a tool that can be used to “create strange realities” and to “give birth to possible worlds.” His images explore the intricate relationship between humans and the landscape and architecture that surrounds them — be that man-made or natural. Poetic in their ability to show the beauty in the gaps between places and spaces, the ‘Disparitions’ series is emotional and profound. The collection of images centers on the theme of perspective. Bernard-Reymond presents this motif repeated through shots of people peering over the edge, looking into empty distance and images of watch towers.

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