Ethereal Visions By Michal Pudelka

Michal Pudelka is a visual artist and fashion photographer, originally from Bratislava. He creates weird and wonderful editorial shoots for clients including Valentino, Vogue Italia and AnOther.

Pudelka is currently based in London and is represented by the agency of Katy Barker. His editorial work pushes the boundaries of fashion photography, often exploring surreal and dreamlike imagery. Particularly in shoots created in natural environments, Pudelka captures the models interacting with their surroundings in a way that removes a sense of genuine spatial context, presenting instead an ethereal vision of otherworldly encounters. Working alongside stylists such as Sarajane Hoare and Paul Sinclaire, the Slovakian photographer exhibits repeated colours and figures within the frame, collating elements of the uncanny in everyday life. Pudelka’s work sits on the borders of reality and imagined spaces, showcasing high fashion in the realm of outtakes from fairytale stories.

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