30+ Most Creative Business Cards That Are Sure to Get Noticed

One of the quickest and most effective ways to get your name out there when promoting your career is the business card. And while they may seem obsolete in a time when we’re increasingly digital, this face to face calling card is something that’s still irreplaceable. In fact, in many areas of the world business cards are a must have for proper professional etiquette.

But let’s face it, we’ve all received business cards that end up in the trash or hidden away in a drawer, never to be looked at again. How can we make something that’s centuries old, new and fresh again? Luckily, innovative designers have been pumping out cool business cards that will not only stay out of the trash, but are, in many cases, useful gadgets.

Whether they’re interactive or even grow a plant, the best business cards immediately give you a sense of the profession and are memorable enough to stand out from the crowd. We’ve scoured the internet to curate a list of the coolest business cards around. They’re sure to get you inspired and keep you creative when it comes to how you should present your business to the world.

Here are 30+ business card designs that will give you plenty of inspiration to create your own cool business cards.

Cheese Shop’s Grater Card


Butcher’s Cleaver Cards


Pilates Studio’s Flexible Figure Cards


Filmmaker’s Movie Ticket Cards


Divorce Lawyer’s Separating Card

Cool Business Card Designs


Communications Expert’s Coaster Cards


Event Planner’s Zig Zag Ribbon Card


Florist’s Flower Bouquet Cards

cool business cards

Florist. via Latona Marketing


Painter’s Paint Chip Cards


Clothing Store’s Coat Hanger Cards


Textile Artist’s Fabric Swatch Cards


Sommelier’s Wine-Stained Cards

cool business cards

via Behance

cool business cards

via Behance


Interior Designer’s Ornate “Window” Cards


Bike Tech’s Handy Tool Card

 business card design ideas

via Rethink, Canada.

 business card design ideas

via Rethink, Canada


LEGO Employees’ Minifig “Cards”

LEGO business cards


Publishing Company’s Tiny Book Cards

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