The Waka Haiku Setsugekka Restaurant

The Waka Haiku Setsugekka restaurant offers a contemporary meditation on Japanese culture and cuisine. Designed by architect Sun Tianwen, the interior combines traditional Japanese values with modern studies of design psychology.

Waka Haiku Setsugekka is located in Changchun, the capital city of Jilin in China. Under the lead of Tianwen, architectural studio Shanghai Hip-pop Architectural Decoration Design Co. constructed the striking entrance and dining spaces. The team placed particular emphasis on “Only when all of these elements mix harmoniously, then an appropriate design is obtained.”creating an environment to enhance customer values and aspirations for Japanese cuisine. The restaurant is filled with glass partitions engraved with the sakura cherry blossom, midnight black walls and sushi counter, and different coloured LED lights. These lights fill the space with hues of blue, yellow and pink mixed with white to reference the Japanese ‘setsugekka’, an ode to the seasons. Tianwen explains that the restaurant also expresses a sense of ‘zen’ by combining visual elements that could not exist alone: “Only when all of these elements mix harmoniously, then an appropriate design is obtained.” The architectural team’s attention to colour, layout and light is born from his study of the psychology of design, establishing an an atmosphere that provides a contemporary, multi-sensory approach to Japanese dining.

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