Gabriel Adda’s Dizzying Movement Photographs

Uruguayan photographer Gabriel Adda suspends his subjects in a vortex-like world with his series ‘Movement’.

Ever accidentally taken a blurry photo on your iPhone, only to realize later that it’s actually a masterpiece? ‘Movement’, a photography series by Adda, does exactly that. While ordinarily, we strive for clear, focused images, Adda thrives on imperfection and obscurity, excelling in capturing motion in his dizzying photos.  His subjects — from a woman traveling on roller skates to a solitary man crossing the road — are submerged in their surroundings through osmosis, making it hard to differentiate between people and place.

While his photographs appear to capture individuals and spaces bleeding into one another, Adda’s curator Gimena Pino believes that ‘Movement’ also shows the loneliness of human existence. “In some instances, the weather across the individual emphasizes the feeling of solitude,” she states. Indeed, in some images it seems as if the faceless people are having to push against their environment, moving through the world as though they are moving through a thick fog or swamp.

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