Ian Davenport’s Poured Lines And Puddle Paintings

For over two decades, English painter Ian Davenport has been celebrated for his simple abstract paintings, which assemble vertical lines in a rich variety colour hues.

Characterised by their vibrancy and simplicity, Davenport’s ‘Poured Lines’ and ‘Puddle Painting’ demonstrate the artist’s acute understanding of colour theory and commitment to evolving his iconic repeat process. As Davenport pours glossy acrylic paint from the top of his tilted canvas, he constructs sequences of hues that present contrasting and complementary results. In the ‘Puddle Painting’ series, the artist allows the paint to form rich pools of a marbled quality at the bottom of the canvas. This alludes to a recurring tension in Davenport’s work: the presence of both control and chance. By implementing this paradox, Davenport introduces a natural sense of visual rhythm into each piece.

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