Igor Sirotov’s ‘PS3H’ House

Igor Sirotov Architects is an architectural and interior design studio, based in Kiev, Ukraine. Completed in 2016, their ‘PS3H’ project is a one story living space located in the Swedish port of Guldboda.

Founder Igor Sirotov describes his work as “simple, strong and extremely gentle,” explaining that “it joins simplicity of form to complexity of space.” These values are distinct in ‘PS3H’, a 200 meter square residence presenting an open plan interior and minimal use of colour Sirotov explains that his work “joins simplicity of form to complexity of space.”alongside light, warm wood finishings. Igor Sirotov Architects specialise in photorealistic renderings, and in these images the studio visualise and plan an open living and dining area that looks onto a garage space, alongside bedrooms and bathrooms. Natural light fills the rooms through the integration of large window frames, and this emphasises the brightness of the white and light grey colour scheme. Throughout the residence, ‘PS3H’ maintains a minimal approach to design with the architects implementing the work of other minimalists into the rooms: the kitchen space was designed by Valcucine, the bathroom was collaboratively created by Nic Design, CEA Design and Agape, and the lighting system was designed by Davide Groppi.

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