The 2017 EyeEm Photography Awards Finalists

Since 2010, EyeEm have showcased exceptional photography with the EyeEm Photography Festival and Awards. This year proves no different, with the photography app providing a platform to celebrate professional and amateur work alike.

The EyeEm Photography Festival and Awards works on a global scale, every year attracting tens of thousands of keen applicants. EyeEm have utilised the popularity of their app and the ever-increasing accessibility of photography, presenting work from emerging talent to a worldwide audience.“The aim of the awards is to discover new talents and help them get their work seen on a larger scale.”The 2017 finalists can be discovered across five categories: “The Photojournalist’, ‘The Architect’, ‘The Street Photographer’, ‘The Great Outdoors’ and ‘The Portraitist’, each hoping to win the respective title. Amongst the in-house curatorial team and a jury is iGNANT founder Clemens Poloczek. Regarding the diversity of the judges, lead curator Madeline Dudley-Yates comments, “With this unique mix we’re able to uncover strong photographers that might not be found if we’d based the criteria on likes or popularity. The aim of the awards is to discover new talents and help them get their work seen on a larger scale.” The winners will be announced on 16 September 2017 at an awards ceremony in Berlin, and their work will be showcased in the EyeEm Photography Festival exhibition. Here is a selection of highlights from the 2017 EyeEm Photography Awards finalists.

‘The Portraitist’ – Image © Adeolu Osibodu
Taken in Ogun State, Nigeria

‘The Architect’ – Image © Claudia Solano
Taken in Valencia, Spain

‘The Photojournalist’ – Image © Daren Mauree
Taken in Port-Louis, Mauritius

‘The Portraitist’ – Image © David Schulman
Taken in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

‘The Photojournalist’ – Image © Kimberly dela Cruz
Taken in Pasay City, Philippines

‘The Photojournalist’ – Image © Md. Enamul Kabir
Taken in Bangladesh, India

‘The Street Photographer’ – Image © Jatuporn Pateepaparnee
Taken in Nonthaburi, Thailand

‘The Architect’ – Image © Scott Firestone
Taken over Chicago, IL, USA

‘The Street Photographer’ – Image © Francis Malapris
Taken in Paris, France

‘The Street Photographer’ – Image © Pau Buscató
Taken in London, UK

‘The Architect’ – Image © Jeremy Cheung
Taken in Hong Kong

‘The Street Photographer’ – Image © Julie Hrudova
Taken in Tokyo, Japan

‘The Portraitist’ – Image © Joanne Coates
Taken in Orkney, Scotland

‘The Great Outdoors’ – Image © Guiga Pirá
Taken over the Sea of Cortez, Mexico

‘The Great Outdoors’ – Image © Michael Schauer
Taken at Stokknes, Iceland

‘The Great Outdoors’ – Image © Michael Lynch
Taken at Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah, USA

‘The Great Outdoors’ – Image © Masaki Sato
Taken in Nagano, Japan

‘The Photojournalist’ – Image © Ramin Mazur
Taken in Rezina, Republic of Moldova

‘The Photojournalist’ – Image © Ritesh Shukla
Taken in Hanumanganj, India

‘The Great Outdoors’ – Image © Zane Jēkabsone
Taken in Skogar, Iceland

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