In Conversation With Clay Paint Brand Nen-do, On Bringing Earth Inside The Home

nen-do clay finishes are available in 14 earth tones. Generally, selecting a color palette involves concrete trend forecasting and a more abstract distillation of the zeitgeist into an aesthetic choice. Reflecting the present appreciation of patina and age, sustainability, and warm minimalism, natural colors have been a big trend in recent years. Typically, earthy colors create associations with landscapes and cultures around the world. From the romance of the sun-drenched Mediterannean coastlines to the warmth of African architectural traditions, at the sight of clay colors, we sense a tranquillity that often rests on a distant horizon. Yet for nen-do, inspiration is found in the local. “We only work with colors that are found in nature in our region, mined locally,” the duo explains, pointing out, “there is no blue, for example.” Subtle and never gaudy, their color nuances range from warm beige and gray tones to ochre, terracotta, and green. “On the one hand, this is our main limitation, but, on the other hand, it meets exactly the aesthetic we strived for in our collection,” they continue.

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