Make Your Own Rainbow When You Complete This Colorful Jigsaw Puzzle

Seeing a rainbow spread across the sky is always a special treat. There is something about the combination of colors that is so satisfying to look at. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until the next rainstorm to see one. The innovative designers at Nervous System have created a puzzle that lets you build your own rainbow from the comfort of your coffee table.

The Rainbow Puzzle is a colorful arch-shaped jigsaw made from custom birch plywood and features 380 laser-cut pieces. Most of these are intricate maze-style shapes inspired by organic forms and natural patterns. However, the jigsaw also includes 11 special “whimsies,” in the shape of a cat, nail, butterfly, seahorse, tree frog, dolphin, octopus, snake, four-leaf clover, shooting star, and even a unicorn.

Pick up this dazzling puzzle to work on in your spare time, or wrap it up as a gift to surprise someone you know with something magical. It’s sure to provide an entertaining challenge for anyone. Scroll down to see more images of this amazing puzzle and head on over to My Modern Met Store when you’re ready to checkout.

Make your own rainbow with this colorful jigsaw puzzle!


Rainbow Puzzle


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Nervous System: Website

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