In Shanghai, Lukstudio Designs A Fashion Boutique As “An Urban Retreat”

The architects explain that an element of serenity was imperative to the store’s design, and “extremely precious in an urban setting” in a city like Shanghai. The store’s material palette of stone, wood, glass, and polished concrete, makes brand’s physical space a minimal haven. “The new storefront gives a serene first impression,” the architects explain. “The boutique has been designed as a hidden gem off the beaten track, making a connection with nature and delivering the brand’s pursuit of quality in life.” Visitors must pass through a garden of white pebbles in order to enter the light-filled, multi-room store. The presence of nature continues throughout the built space, with trees dotted throughout the various rooms. The texture of the concrete wall from outside is continued within, “visually connecting the two entry spaces into one,” says the firm. A muted, natural color palette was chosen to complement the garments on display, where, together with the use of diffused sunlight, a cozy atmosphere is created. The architects hope that the simple beauty of ‘Emme Store’ will “be cherished by others who visit this urban retreat.”

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