Jacques-Aurélien Brun’s Abstract Photography

Ecal visual communications graduate Jacques-Aurélien Brun employs the dematerialized craft of digital photography to create abstract storylines. He uses the collection, abstraction, editing and decontextualization to create a whole where different kind of typologies of images are connected in a formal or dialectic way. He works on themes such as the quest of an old myth and a modern one, the disappearance and the fantasy woman, the expected journey and dreamy one. The photographer explores deeply ingrained themes such as the femme fatale, expectational journeys, or various treatment of intimacy found in the everyday. Brun’s starting point is always a clue or fragment that sets him off on a process of interpretation and recontextualization. In his After Anna series, Brun takes up Homer’s Odyssey with the search for a fictional woman lost at sea. Captured during a road trip through Sicily, Brun created this series with the personal connotation of discovering his own roots. To produce a project, Jacques-Aurélien begins with the reality and then creates the fragments of a story or it’s beginning like the incipit of a novel.

All images © Jacques-Aurélien Brun

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