Jim Brunnestom Reimagines Regional Architecture In The West Of Sweden

In Bengtsfors, a small town in the west of Sweden, Jim Brunnestom has designed the ‘Dalsland Cabin 2.0’, a cross-laminated timber home that seeks to reimagine affordable housing in the region.

The simple wooden building draws upon regional vernacular, its form a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Dalsland cabin. The ‘Dalsland Cabin 2.0’ features an open plan living space, clean lines and simple construction methods—all markers of modern Nordic design. Built from cross-laminated wood, the cabin is insulated with wood fibers, and—like its forebears—is clad in vertical timber slats, left untreated so as to silver over time. In designing the cabin, the architect intended to offer an affordable and aesthetic alternative to the Swedish housing market.

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