15 Delightful Gifts Perfect for People Who Love Impressionism

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For decades, people have been drawn to Impressionism, an art movement founded on an interest in capturing fleeting impressions of everyday life. While you may think you need to visit world-class collections to celebrate the work of the Impressionists, this selection of unique gifts proves that there are plenty of creative ways to immerse yourself in the movement.

Many of these Impressionism-inspired gifts put a stylish spin on everyday objects, like a dreamy journal adorned with one of Degas’ dancers and an umbrella covered in Monet‘s Water Lilies. Others allow painters to work en plein air—a technique that the Impressionists perfected and popularized. And some, like the quirky Monet action figure and colorful temporary tattoos, offer a lighthearted way to have fun with the genre.

No matter your painterly preference, each of these artistic gifts is bound to make an impression.

These Impressionism gifts offer a creative way to celebrate the movement. Many of them turn everyday objects into stylish masterpieces.


Water Lilies Umbrella


Painter’s Palette Earrings

Impressionism Gifts

AlexmosDesign | $11.99


Degas-Inspired Notebook

Impressionism Gifts

MoMA | $8.95


Brushstroke Mug

Impressionism Gifts

Kristina Simpson | $15.99


Pissarro Laptop Cover

Impressionism Gifts

artpointone | $17.90+


Monet iPhone Case

Impressionism Gifts Monet Phone Case

| $19.90+


Others help you get into character and paint en plein air


Travel Easel

Impressionism Gifts

Art Alternatives | $68.39


Viviva Colorsheets


Straw Hat

Impressionism Gifts

MaisonPhilou | $21.28


The Art of Plein Art Painting


And some simply let you have fun!


Monet Action Figure

Impressionism Gifts

Today Is Art Day | $29.99


Renoir Coloring Book

Impressionism Gifts

Annette Roeder | $8.74


Temporary Watercolor Tattoos

Impressionism Gifts

Tattly | $15


DIY Paper Water Lilies


The Impressionist Art Game

Impressionism Gifts

Birdcage Press | $21.95


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