Kosmos · Ulleungdo, South Korea


Situated in Ulleungdo, an island rich in natural beauty, the Kosmos hotel is a place for personal reflection, contemplation and natural restoration.

A popular tourist destination for many South Koreans, Ulleungdo island is known for its impressive views and geographical complexity. Volcanic in origin, the island plays host to a multitude of natural waterfalls, hiking trails and pebbled beaches. Many locals see it as the epitome of Yin and Yang — a harmonious place where individuals can connect with nature and the spiritual energies of the island.

Kosmos was designed to harness the natural flow of the island, encompassing the feelings of the moon and sun, night and day, dark and light and land and sky. Lead architect at The System Lab Chanjoong Kim, wanted the building to “be a container of ‘energy’” — somewhere that utilized the strength of the land to become a bastion of peacefulness.

Guests can choose from three main types of rooms, all of which have views of the ocean: ‘Ondol Rooms’ (which feature traditional Korean heating systems), ‘Bedrooms’ and ‘Pool Villa Rooms’. They can then select any of the five ‘Tracking Courses’ where they can walk along some of the main tourist trails to absorb the surrounding natural phenomena. The ecological island trails are populated with natural waterfalls, local plants and animals, supposedly having healing effects on walkers who journey through.


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