Landon Speers’ Moving Visual Essay Intersects Family, Stillness, And Loss

“It’s a place I’ve grown very fond of and appreciate immensely,” Speers tells us, whom we’ve interviewed previously. Nova Scotia is one of the original four Canadian provinces, and is surrounded by the tempestuous seas of the North Atlantic Ocean—its fishing towns and lighthouses are enveloped by stunning rock formations. It was here in the presence of quiet streets, solid earth, and calm seas, that the photographer was able to take some time for himself amidst a challenging and emotional year. “The last time I was in many of these places was with my brother, who took his life earlier this year,” he says. “I was once again surrounded by family, animals, and kids for the entire duration of this trip. The images selected were small moments I took for myself to go off and wander, and to reflect.” Speers asserts that the intention of the series was not to convey any somberness, but rather a stillness, “with a reflective meditation on myself and my surroundings,” he says. “In an effort to isolate myself in these times, I sought out isolating elements of the environment around me in an exercise of presence. The results hopefully impart an encapsulated look on coastal Canada.” The photographs below have been carefully considered; individually, images of pastel skies, rock pools, and golden hour sun cast against boulders are emotive and moving. Yet what makes ‘Nova Scotia’ both compelling and inspiring is when the series is considered thematically in full.

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