Hilariously Convincing Fake Gag Gift Boxes Hide Your Real Gifts

Pranko Boxes

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Part of the fun of gift-giving is the surprise for the recipient, but sometimes boxes can reveal your present before they even look inside. Luckily, Prank-o has created a solution to this dilemma with its selection of hilarious gift boxes that’ll hide your present while looking like you’re giving them a totally different product. Your recipient will then think that they’re about to open a bizarre set of Cargo Socks or an Earwax Candle Kit. You can enjoy watching their face go from horrified to relieved in just a few seconds, once they realize it was all a joke.

The products Prank-o depicts are the kind of thing you’d find on late-night infomercials. They’re silly but plausible enough to exist. After all, would you really think twice if you saw the Beer Beard—a secret way to conceal 72 ounces of brew—on the shelves? The products are even more convincing thanks to the design of the boxes. Prank-o’s elaborate ruse is made believable with unique branding for each product, and the company has even produced real prototypes and showcases photos of them being put to use.

Check out some of the most outrageous prank gift boxes below and then shop the entire selection on the Prank-o website or Amazon.

Prank-o creates hilarious gag gift boxes of seemingly real products.

Prank-o Fake Gift Boxes

Hide your real gift inside and let your recipient think that they are getting a bizarre set of socks or gag-worthy candle kit.

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