Milky Way By Vincent Ferrané

Milky Way is a series of photographs documented by Vincent Ferrané for his new book currently available at Libraryman. The photographs show the intimate moments of his wife and child during breastfeeding in a chronological and diary-like narrative.

“I tried to show in this series how breastfeeding appears as a pulse that gradually takes its part in the other cycles of life — such as those of nature, the seasons, and of days and nights,” Vincent explains. Milky Way begins with frozen landscapes and concludes in spring, portraying a systematic format with the consistent use of composition and light throughout. The aesthetic of the pictures is determined by the feeding behaviour and its geometry of bodies. These images are characterized by family cohesion of classic icons as well as modern accents. This everyday moment emerges the force of exchanges between two human beings and the milk becomes, as in the Greek legend of the Milky Way, the vector of a world under construction.

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