Mom Paints Her Daughter’s Head For A Senior Photo shoot Helping Her Accept Her Alopecia

When life throws you a curve ball, it’s important to have people that care about you by your side. A 17-year-old high school student Madisyn Babcock recently had to face the challenges that come with alopecia – a disease that causes people to lose hair – and her mom stood by her. Now they’ve teamed up to create the most gorgeous senior photoshoot that allowed the girl to embrace her condition.

Babcock has been in front of the camera before, but it was the first time she uncovered her bald head with pride. Chelsea Taylor, the photographer who captured the dreamy photoshoot, said that the girl always radiates warmth and positivity. “Madisyn has had a positive attitude about the loss of her hair since day one, and has used this as an opportunity to show other girls how to love themselves and own their beauty- even if it isn’t conventional.”

The choice of flowers on her head wasn’t an accidental one. “I chose flowers because they fit me as a person,” Babcock explains. “I feel I’ve really blossomed into the person I’m supposed to be.” This photoshoot was also a uniting experience for her and her mom. “The paint was really cold on my head. I think that, in the moments, I sat in a chair in front of my mom and she painted my head, we had an understanding between us. It wasn’t just painting. It signified every single moment we’ve gone through with the process of high school. I have an entirely new perspective on life than I did when I began high school, and in that moment I think we both saw growth in ourselves.”

Scroll down to see the beautiful results of the photoshoot.

image source: Chelsea Taylor (h/t a plus)

This is Madisyn Babcock, a teen who in her day to day life has to deal with alopecia – a disease that causes people to lose hair

However, the condition doesn’t stop her from smiling

She asked her mom to create her a true flower crown she showed off in her senior photoshoot

Her mom took hours creating the pattern and applying it to her head

“I chose flowers because they fit me as a person,” Babcock explains

It was an experience that brought the two together



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