Luca Tombolini Captures Primordial Landscapes

Using large format cameras, photographer Luca Tombolini explores the presence of primordial landscapes in our world. In continuation of his ‘LS’ study that we featured last year, Tombolini’s ‘LS X’ series presents a collection of mountain views and expansive desert environments.

Originally from Milan, Tombolini encountered photography during his university years, using the medium to capture landscapes and life scenes. He was drawn to both the processes and the symbolism of photography, recognising its ability to compress moments that “could have existed forever” whilst preserving them, as if stopping time. The medium holds a great existential significance for Tombolini, and through the almost-unfathomable pastel images of ‘LS X’, he stirs the emotional experience that occurs when observing vast and complex landscapes, which have existed since the beginning of time. “The values of our civilization, that we all take for granted and into which we so deeply live, have little to say if confronted with the general principle of Life we’re born from,” the photographer comments. “All knowledge and crafts we’ve put together so far have absolutely no answers about this living experience, nor can say a thing about what the place we’re living in really is.”

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