Monumentality And Serenity Converge At Plantel Matilde In Mexico

Marín’s aesthetics have been adapted subtly and effectively into the space. The architecture takes influences from his sculptural works, which explore the construction and deconstruction of three-dimensional forms. “In total harmony with principles at the heart of his artistic production—a penchant for the unpredictable, imperfections, and work in progress—this is a building waiting for the environment to leave its mark on it,” reads a statement from the Foundation. Created with precast concrete pieces and completed on a site formerly dedicated to the cultivation of agave plants, ‘Plantel Matilde’ is constructed with materials and finishes that require little maintenance and have minimal environmental impact. The design draws from pre-Hispanic influences that echo the elements of church cloisters, Spanish and traditional hacienda courtyards. These details are embraced with a contemporary and non-ornamental appeal.

Conceived of as a meditative place for contemplation, Javier and Arcadio Marín also built a 360-degree viewpoint above the treetops, where the entire horizon of the Mayan plan could be seen. “Plantel Matilde was thought of as an observatory, a place beneath the treetops to observe the celestial vault in its entirety and the phenomena that occur in it throughout the day,” the statement concludes.

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