Nameless Architecture Designs A House In The Mountains Of South Korea

In the midst of a forest in a quiet mountain range near Seoul is a house cast from rough-cut concrete. Designed by Nameless Architecture, the ‘Aele House’ is an ode to the flexible nature of architectural design.

The design of this nine-room home was heavily determined by its location; three edges of the plot are hemmed in by forest, the surrounding nature is calm and, as the architects from Nameless explain, evocative of a primitive, untouched land. “To realize this end”, they explain, “all of the fixed building elements that form the house…all the exterior and interior floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, wells, sinks, vanities, and bathtubs, were made out of and finished in rough in-situ concrete.” With this type of construction, all mistakes were left, embraced as a mark of nature and the evolution of a space.

The nine rooms that the space comprises of are connected organically, without a corridor. Each of the rooms is sized at 3.6 meters by 3.6 meters; determined by Nameless Architects as being the minimum space for all “habitative elements to function independently”. Excluding the bathroom and kitchen, all rooms can be used flexibly — changing according to the needs of the residents.

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